Maldur AtaiMALDUR ATAI is a moon-shaped mechanical puzzle helping the monks to reach other dimensions in Nepalese temples in pre-Buddhist era. In these temples, the priest used to give a strange puzzle to his disciples. The disciples had to solve its riddle. By solving it the disciples were opening the hidden gate and withdrawing from the material labyrinth to the vision world. Only the re-encoded puzzle was found in the room of the mystic who had solved the riddle. The number of disciples was gradually diminishing until only one disciple who did not solve the riddle was left. The latter used to become the priest and teach a new generation of monks, giving the ordained disciples the mechanical puzzles to solve. In Buddhist era the concept of Maldur Atai means the location of substance. The last page of holy Buddhist scripts was always left empty (this practice was abandoned later). The Buddhists also called this page Maldur Atai.

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DIMETH TRIPDimeth Trip is the project run by members of the industrial / ambient formation Maldur Atai.
What we call reality, isn't true. It's illusions of our mind. Dreams made constructions of reality. Death is the process of our reality collapse. Death shows you what reality is.

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GANZER MASCHINECultural stability is maintained by keeping members of any cultural group from seeing that the Roles, Rules, Goals, Rituals, Language, and Values are game structures. Cultural institutions encourage the delusion that the game of life are inevitable givens involving natural laws of behavior. Avoid these lies. Analyze. Analyzing all segments of culture life leads to realization of our inner self. External and inner. All processes around us consist of the synthesis of these two elements. This synthesis leads to the point of GANZER.

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