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Oct 13, 2011

The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 2)The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 2)On 19 November 2011, the Propagandaclub, located at V. Mykolaičio-Putino st. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania, will host an event, The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 2), dedicated to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Jhonn Balance, founder and singer of the legendary British band Coil, and Peter Christopherson, its ideological member. Moontrix, an experimental audiovisual and graphics design organisation, ensures the impressive evening. A special programme of the event will be performed by three ambient/industrial projects from Lithuania Spanxti, Volksmorg and Oorchach, and a special guest from Sweden – project Atomine Elektrine.

During the event, electronic ambient / industrial music will be played by the DJs Lashisha, Pimpf, LiquidSpace, Hypnodorm, Doktor. Their performances will include wide range of Coil songs.

For the first time, The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein took place five years ago. It was then dedicated to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of Jhonn Balance (16 February 1962 – 13 November 2004). At that time, the sound visionary was honoured by three famous projects from Lithuania McKaras, Oorchach and Donis. A sudden death of Peter Christopherson on 24 November last year (27 February 1955 – 24 November 2010) revived a flow of events of The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein this year. It is expected that this event, which also presents the foreign guest, will become the annual alt music fest.

A true perspective is always alternating and evolving.

Doors open at 18 p.m. Starts at 21 p.m. Entrance fee: 10 EUR.

Peter Andersson is probably best known for being the force behind Cold Meat Industry project Raison D'etre. Under the moniker Atomine Elektrine he moves in more classical ambient spheres. Experimenting with Atomine Elektrine since the early 90′s, the main influences to create this project came from the old krautrock school in its more cosmic and electronic side represented by artists like Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk and even Neu!.

Atomine Elektrine - Atom (mp3 composition from the album Elemental Severance)
Atomine Elektrine - Hyperion End Theme (mp3 composition from the album Atom Xtension)

: Atomine Elektrine video from the event :

Having started its creation life as the ethno-rock band, the project Spanxti has been gradually switching to different perception of ethnical identity. Interpretations of the post-folklore Lithuanian folk songs have been changed with original electronic arcades of melodies, enriched by the sound of traditional instruments, and the archaic mythological lines have become a key drive of their creation. During the event, the project Spanxti will present their new album Dheghom, being released by the independent label Autarkeia.

Spanxti - Kellewese Perioth (mp3 composition from the album Dheghom)

Oorchach is not an empty ornate word or a meaningless concept coined to single out the musical project. The Northern nations of Siberia use the term Oorchach to define a very specific archaic artefact of the household. This is an iron ring that used to be ringed to the new-born domestic animals to prevent them from sucking their mother’s milk. It is a powerful archaic symbol embodying the encounter with the remorseless reality in early childhood. Oorchach is a strong event of pre-historic worlds brought to us by the archaic primeval nations that upheld and confessed shamanism, the pro-religion of all religions.

Oorchach - Autumn on the ways (mp3 composition)
Oorchach - Birds Carry Souls Home (mp3 composition from the split album with Pogrom)

Volksmorg is a joint Lithuanian industrial project of heavy sounding Body Cargo and Pogrom, the power of which is encoded in its duplex name. This is ideology of death and destruction, expressed through the generation process of monolithic noise. Destruction is a ritual which is more vital than creation, as it is the only way to pursue the essential purification. For this event, the instruments of purification through the darkness are being prepared.

FLASHBACK : Volksmorg video from the event :

The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 2) - Promo Images


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