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Mar 17, 2013
After having overcome plenty of challenges Moontrix team is eager to start a series of projects for 2013. Lots of changes have occurred since the 3rd gig of The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein took place in November 2012. Nevertheless, the largest event ever arranged by Moontrix steeled our hearts and filled us with inspiration. Moreover, it proved once again that sincere efforts and positive approach is the engine of life.

The far-reaching plans involve the 4th gig of The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein, which is going to take place in Anykščiai, November 2014, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Jhonn Balance’s death.

In a short-term perspective, 2013 foresees a number of musical releases and events. A remixed set of compositions by Maldur Atai will be the first release of this year. The upcoming CD will contain sound interpretations by Lithuanian performers – Oorchach, Skeldos, Pogrom, and by projects abroad – Deutsch Nepal and Voice Of Eye.

Many thanks to everyone who supports, encourages and inspires us. Together we can change ourselves and make our environment a better place to live.

Moontrix team,
March 2013

The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein Vol. 3 - Photo gallery


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