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Sep 05, 2014
Andrew McKenzieThe Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 4)On 8 November 2014, the Anykščiai Culture Centre (A. Baranauskas sq. 2) will host The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 4).

The event is organised by Moontrix, the experimental audiovisual organisation, in collaboration with Lithuanian Culture Council, Anykščiai Culture Centre and Anykščiai City Municipality.

During the event, one could enjoy the performance of Ivan Pavlov, the famous electronic music artist. Also known as CoH, I. Pavlov is originated from Russia. However, since 1995 he lives in Sweden.  The artist was collaborating with the cult British band Coil, and since 2007, together with Peter Christopherson, one of the project members, started the new project – SoiSong. This electronic music project of two lasted until the death of P. Cristopherson in 2010.

The performance of Colin Potter (Great Britain) will also be delivered during the event. Having played in the Nurse With Wound in 2012 in Anykščiai, this time, C. Potter will present his solo performance. Having launched his audio experiments more than 30 years ago, Colin Potter cooperated with such artists as Darren Tate (Monos), Nurse With Wound, The Hafler Trio, Current 93, Organum, Jonathan Coleclough, and released several dozen of records by his own established record company (ICR).

The Hafler Trio, already scrambled by Mr. Potter elsewhere, will subject their bletherings and parpings to his insidious and seductive fingertips, while attempting to remain calm and remembering to forget what nobody needs to know.

The audience will have possibility to observe the performances of both famous and debuting projects from Lithuania Morrigun, Inwards and joint collaboration of Oorchach and Skeldos.

The door to The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 4) opens at 5:30 PM, the event starts at 7:00 PM.

Pre-sale online tickets (Moontrix Market) will be available until 20 October. Ticket price – 10 €. Pre-sale tickets will be also available in trading places. Ticket price on the event day – 13 €.

ADVANCE TICKETS: Moontrix Market

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CoH - For Whom The Dell Falls (mp3 composition from the album Iron, 2000)
CoH - Boog (mp3 composition from the album Mask Of Birth, 2000)

Colin Potter:

Colin Potter - Rooftops
(mp3 composition from the album A Gain, 1982)
Colin Potter - And (mp3 composition from the album And Then, 2000)

An autumn allows to ease the tempo, to give pause and highlight the thoughts that have been flickering in the depths. In such twilight the idea of joint project was ripening. And the forthcomming event seems to be the best reason this to fulfil. OORCHACH spins creaky wooden gears while SKELDOS streams down through the rings of the tree a dense dye made from bilberries. Both them are familiar with the details of this specific engine and possibility to connect this attracts firmly. It‘s enough only to mention this to evoke a smell of a rosin – a witness that to refuse this adventure would be an inexcusable decision. Because it could give the giddy wine as well as scratched elbows. Experience are the both. And sometimes the abrasive and the soft are the same.

Oorchach: - Skeldos:

Oorchach - I'll Cut Your Drums (mp3 composition from compilation Kad Te Moja Čakija Ubode, 2012)
Skeldos - Imprints (
album sampler, 2014)


Morrigun - I Cut All The Roses (mp3 promo, 2014)


Inwards - Concrete World (mp3 promo, 2014)


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