Various - The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 3) - 2012 11 10 (CD Digipak, 2012)

The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 3) - 2012 11 10 (CD Digipak, 2012)The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 3) - 2012 11 10 (CD Digipak, 2012)Label: Moontrix
Catalog#: MTXCD006
Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition (300)
Released: 10 November 2012


1. Andrew Liles – Camberwick Green (9:34)    
2. Colin Potter – Hell Food (14:42)    
3. Nurse With Wound – Stimul 6 (13:01)    
4. Dimeth Trip – Variation Plane (3:34) (free mp3)   
5. Skeldos – Priliesti (10:04)    
6. The Hafler Trio – Jealousy (Extract) (14:09)

Total time: 65:00

Style: Experimental, Ambient

This release is made special for event  “The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol.3)” which took place in Anyksciai, Lithuania, November 10, 2012. CD includes exclusive tracks by Nurse With Wound, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter, Skeldos, Dimeth Trip and Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio).

CD notes:

Track 1 recorded at the Cat Nest, West Yorkshire, UK, Summer 2012.
Track 2 recorded at IC Studio, 2002-2012.
Track 4 includes samples from Sergey Parajanov films.
The main sound of track 5 was found hovering under the big yellow linden in 2012.

The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein (Vol. 3) event details.

Wonderful Wooden Reasons - A very limited (300 copies) compilation released for the Nurse With Wound and Hafler Trio gig in Lithuania on the 10th of November 2012.  Its 6 tracks long with 3 of them being Nurse related.
Opening the proceedings in Andrew Liles whose ‘Camberwick Green’ does indeed open with the character of the twee, but fondly remembered, British cartoon before morphing into a rolling hang drum pattern decorated with elongated groans and creaks.
Colin Potter on other hand serves a delicious platter of ‘Hell Food’ consisting of shuttling backward rhythms and swirly gritty mastications.  5 Minutes in, the soup tureen arrives in a series of dark gloops arising from its abyssal depths.  The soups psychoactive properties kick in towards the end before we remember just whose food we’re eating and the trip goes decidedly bad.
Nurse are next with a darkly tredepitious and slow moving meditation.  It’s not the most adventurous of pieces from him (them) but it’s a nice way to spend some time.
Following NWW is a short but sweet psychedelic swirl from the first of the new names to me, Dimeth Trip, whose nightmare ambiences are continued by the other new name, Skeldos.  The latter nicely providing an extra layer of portentous longform melodies to give their contribution an aching melancholy.
Closing the album is a spoken piece by the Hafler Trio wherein a man’s voice (Andrew McKenzie’s?) describes, in tedious monotone an unidentified place.  The voice sounds like the one that read the weekly football scores on UK TV in the 1980s.
I didn’t dig this at all.
Overall, a corking compilation with enough commonality for cohesion but with enough variety to maintain attention. Subsequent plays though have found me pressing stop after the fifth track though which is a shame as I’m quite partial to a bit of H3o. - From a good night out, last month in Lithuania and a souvenir to all of us who didn’t make it to the night in question. Two acts from Lithuania, Dimeth Trip and Skledos and Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles, but then also included on the CD the special Nurse guests Colin Potter and The Hafler Trio. The latter on this compilation is perhaps the biggest surprise, as there hasn’t been any ‘commercially’ available recordings by The Hafler Trio available in some time. It’s a spoken word by McKenzie. The Nurse With Wound seems, based on the sound, to be a live outtake, and perhaps not the best as such. Andrew Liles has a nice piece of ambient like proportions, based around sampled percussion and violin like sounds. Colin Potter’s solo piece is a bit too unfocussed for my taste, and seems to be cobbled together too easily. I might be wrong, as always. The pieces by the two Lithuanian bands are actually among the better here, both based on ambient/drone/field recordings notions. Dimeth Trip keeps things short and to the point, while Skeldos takes up ten minutes to tell us about the uneasy life in an abandoned factory – it’s drone like but noise based, ambient industrial at its finest – not it’s most original. Reports tell me the evening in question was very nice, and I’m sure it was – you can’t base your judgment on a compilation, can you?

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